Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New year, new owners? new worries...

Do you remember when Gregory was chairman? When Vince Wolanin and Howe attempted to take over? When Terry V bought the club for a pound? Simple days with easily identified and researchable characters.

The news today from Andy A that there would be a new owner within a week, which had been pre-empted by Appleton who had made positive noises at the weekend, should bring about excitement within the club. But all Pompey fans will feel trepidation. We have been burned so many time recently. We have written about feeling stupid for believing in Antonov despite there being clear evidence that he was a crook. THIS time when the name is revealed we will have an objective look at the individual involved.

BUT even if we dont agree with the new owner or consortium, what can we do? Nothing. The fit and proper persons test will not eliminate anyone from the equation. Andy A has already stated he is 'fairly satisfied that they the finances to take the club forward' fairly satisfied?! This is why it is so important to try to get fan representation on the board and part ownership of the club. We continue to wait and wonder...

Still exciting times...potentially.

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