Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A good transfer day...nothing happend

Morning all,

Just some very quick thoughts on Pompey's transfer deadline day.

I dont think it is as of yet completely clear what happend with Ipswich yesterday. My best understanding is they agreed a deal for both Henderson and Ward, who then rejected the deal on personal terms. Pearce was subject to numerous bids but I dont think the blues accepted any of them.

From a footballing view you have to be delighted we didnt see the family silver. Appleton has the team playing well and if we lost all three, our bench would have been threadbare to say the least. Although I would love to applaud the players for their loyalty my more cynical side wonders how much money they are on at Pompey and how little they were offered by Ipswich. Ward is from Pompey and probably didnt fancy moving away. But Henderson has just seen last months wages bounce - why didnt he go?! Its a strange position for a fan to be in but if the situation is as bleak as we are led to believe will we look back on this day in a couple of months as the club is wound up thinking that 2 million would have come in really useful?!

I am surprised there wasnt more interest in other players. Lawrence, Varney, Norris, Mullins, Halford, Erik etc all could do a solid job for Championship sides and i imagine would have been available at knockdown prices. You could be really hopeful and speculate that maybe just maybe the club are hopeful of a buyer? You could be really negative and wonder about prohibitively high wages.

Williams left for half a mil. Seems like a good deal. Pompey's three managers this season have not seen fit to play him, despite Appleton bemoaning his lack of winger options, so to cash on him seems sensible. I will watch his career development with interest.

One negative was Mattock going to Brighton instead of us on loan despite stating we were the only place he would go. But WBA quite rightly pointed out it was unfair to send him somewhere where he might not get paid.

On to Hull...

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