Monday, 6 February 2012

3. Kevin Bond Zairian approach to the law of Association Football

Steve Claridge, local boy and suffering for no lack of self confidence in his own ability (quite rightly so in my book) is making his living out of offering his expert opinion on games involving 72 league clubs in what looks like an abandoned warehouse with Manish. At the same time Kevin Bond is making headlines as being part of a well regarded coaching setup guiding Spurs towards what could be a norm busting third spot in the Premier league via a corruption scandal of his own having been assistant manager up at Newcastle.

During Claridge's spell at Fratton Park the now highly regarded Kevin Bond was the assistant manager under Alan Ball. Bond, who Claridge describes as having a personality similar to his playing style 'that of little character' is slated by Super Steve in his excellent autobiography takes from the bootcamps. In a farcical tale Claridge explains that Kevin Bond was taking the players through a free kick routine. A player would run over the ball and the other would then take the Free kick. Fair enough but Bond had a genius almost Zairian idea, once the player had ran over the ball the defense should charge thus closing down the free kick taker. The senior players attempted to explain to Mr Bond that this would be encroachment, but the assistant manager was having none of it. In the end Alan Ball had to come over to clarify the rules of Football.

Ladies and Gentleman the assistant manager of the third best club in england, Kevin Bond

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